Saturday, December 02, 2006

The epitome of suck

Atrios links with a snarky comment to a terrible Nickelback video, and like a fool, I took the bait. Obviously, since it's Nickelback, it (a) sucks, and (b) is the same as every other Nickelback song. But in the video it manages to climb the Parnassus of suck. I thought it topped out when the chick in the bed turns on the remote and sees her FWB firefighter on the TV -- because what's better than a music video about someone watching TV? But then it reaches further sucky heights when the firefighter dude gets hit by a tree and the camera cuts back, not to weepygirl with the remote, but to the band playing their sucky song complete with atrocious stadium light-sweeps. I swear to god, there hasn't been a growly man-pop band this pretentious since Creed. Atrios is reminded of Beavis and Butthead, but I get possessed by the spirit of my grandfather: These young people today. They never cut their hair. And their music --- just noise. Seriously, I'm going to play some Clash now.

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