Monday, June 18, 2007

Let the Mockery Continue

Just following up on the previous post: the first parody comment on Dembski's link seems to have made it past the censors (though really, it's hard to tell what's not parody). I thought I'd link to it here before Dembski et al. erase it along with the whole embarrassing episode. The poster calls him/herself "NoeticGuru," and writes:
Heh, long time lurker, first time poster here. But I’m glad that organizations like ICON-RIDS are showing up, and that proponents of ID are taking notice of them. I think that it will help show that ID isn’t a single religious doctrine since it can incorporate so many different non-materialistic philosophies. ICON-RIDS, for example, will probably attract a lot of followers with its ethical philosophy (you’ll probably need to scroll down a bit to get to his Transparadigmic Pleasurian socio-ethical paradigm, but it’s worth a read).

Since I’m also a dabbler in mathematics, I’ve been particularly impressed with Dr. Brookfield’s cosmological proof of cosmological physical incompleteness — I wonder how many mathematical polymaths ID will have to accumulate before Darwinists stop making light of the field’s credentialed researchers.

I love how NoeticGuru begins in the idiom of a talk radio listener. This "dabbler in mathematics" manages to get in a blurb for Pleasurian philosophy as well as a quiet dig at "Dr." Bloomfield's "credentials." Fine, fine snark.

Update: Just to give a sense of who is piling on: we have Stranger Fruit, Afarensis, Duae Quartunciae, Red State Rabble, Pharyngula, and Clever Beyond Measure.


Duae Quartunciae said...

Yes! That one set off all the alarm bells for me as well.

And, as long as you are collecting contributions to the pile on, you must NOT miss out on William Dembski and Barbarella!, at "Amused Muse". I'm in love!

Hermagoras said...

Thanks. Wow! That's great.

Kristine said...

You guys, you're so sweet, but after today I don't have any lipstick case left to notch.

Not that I'm complaining or anything... :-)

Now I need to go out and find some bubbly 60's pop so's I can write that opera.

NoeticGuru said...

Hey now, I don't call your hard work parody! Sometimes I think there isn't anything that you Darwinists won't stoop to.

Dr. Brookfield's work in transparadigmic sciences is something to be taken seriously. Far too seriously for you Pharyngulites to understand, so I don't doubt that you'd interpret it as parody.

Hermagoras said...

noeticguru: Quite right. How could I not have seen past the crunchy snark coating to the chewy center of your sincerity?

NoeticGuru said...

Hah! Probably because the chewy center is neglegible to second order -- leaving my snark as the bulk of the presentation.

I'm pretty impressed with you, hermagoras. Most people aren't able to pinpoint the finer points of my well-laid snark as easily as you can.

(This is really Dustin, by the way)

Zachriel said...

NoeticGuru: "Far too seriously for you Pharyngulites to understand..."

You are mistaken. Angels are created beings and were never developing pharyngulas.

Zachriel, angel that rules over memory, presides over the planet Jupiter.

Bob O'Hara said...

We were wrong. NoeticGuru is serious. Oh well, we'll have to settle for longer term entertainment.