Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Transcribed Poem: father and son

I must have recorded this some years ago. Found it on microcassette and transcribed.

One day
a flying lizard was going
in a fierce place called Fierce Desert,
and it heard something
very very fierce. What are you doing with that?

I’m just — OK, done.

And then it woke up a sleeping lizard.
The sleeping lizard was grunting.
And —

can you record that again?

I’m recording, I’m recording now. Keep going.

And then,
the fierce lizard just
ate it
like it eats a snake.
Snake chomped up by the hungry lizard.
And then
it tried to eat it.
And then
he killed it!

Is that the end of the story?

No it isn’t!


Cause there’s a crocodile!


And it kept eating
until its mouth was full.
Of snake.
[eating sounds]

Then what?

Then, the crocodile came.
And it tried to — bited itself —
and it bited with the slimy lizard —
and then
it killed it.
[killing sounds]
It kept eating
until the crocodile was full of lizard,
which was king of the —
and those guys were the king of the stretchies.

The End.
There’s more?



And then,
the crocodile finished his meal.
But then
it went with the others.
Frank came up,
which had a long tail,
and he came to stay —
all the lizards came to stay
at Grandmother’s,
cause they were brave.

All of them came to save her,
and all of the snakes came
to save the other snake.

And the other snake was Grandmother?

No, the other snake doesn’t have any name!
And then something fierce
happened out.
Something fierce happened out
with this guy —

I think you’ve got too many characters. It’s hard to follow the story with all these characters.

And then that guy went toward those guys.
And stepped on the crocodile’s tail. OWWWW!
And it woke up the sleeping lizard too!
HEY, croc, who was that stepping on your tail?
Ah, it was a frog.
It hurt very very badly.
And that’s why he said
Now I’m going to whoop my tail at that frog.
Why are you lying down?

I’m just listening. I’m enjoying it.

And then it got catched by the croc.
The croc was hungry.

Is that the end?

Oh no no nononononononononono

You’ve got to end the story, we’re running out of tape. Okay, end it up.

And then

Plus it’s time to go to bed, it’s way late.

And then
and then
this guy killed all the stretchy animals.


Bob O'Hara said...

I bet Tennyson never had critics like that.

Hermagoras said...

Maybe he should have. He did go on a bit.