Monday, July 22, 2013

"Current Situation" section of proposals.

A mind map with narration about the "current situation" section of a proposal.  For my Grant and Proposal Writing students.  Apologies for the audience.  Created with iMindMap 6.


Yale said...

I love your blogs.

That said, I am writing a book about iterative chiasmus as "the binomial expansion of degrees of differences and levels of similarities operating on up to infinite strings of variables". My book is entitled Messiahs, Inc. (Resurrected): How Jeremiah L Hermastone Starts a Church-in-Reverse, Patents God, Beats the IRS, and Has More Sex Than Rush Limbaugh, But Less Than JFK and BJ Clinton?

Any suggestions? -)

Hermagoras said...

Uh, is that you Alan Sokal?